Subject: U-Haul

I would like to start with an assumption, everyone has moved to a new house, apartment, etc, at least once in their lifetime. In my case, more than I can count when going through my 20’s. We all know how bothersome this experience is, period. You can prepare and execute a perfect plan, but the amount of work and pain you go through will leave your body sore for the days to come.

There are certain things that are not under our control, these can enhance or alleviate the burdens. As you might have seen in the subject, I am writing about the rental truck. Having used U-Haul several years ago, I decided to used them again for my moving needs. It is also very hard to miss or forget their catchy marketing images, and 19.99 moving messages.

Contrasting with my earlier story, this was day and night, allow me to explain: While at AutoNation there was several touch points of interaction with me (as a customer) and their staff. I experienced the same amount of touch points with U-Haul, only that more than half was digital.

U-Haul has done a great job with the process of scheduling on their website and on their app. What’s more impressive is how fast the return process was, by using their app and digital signature, I was on my way in less than 2 minutes (really, I timed it).

We debate and argue how machines could replace humans, the moral implications, the dangers of machine self-awareness, but how can we not favor digital efficiency over human incapability? (or simply I don’t care because this is just a job). Most people appreciate human interaction when is genuine and polite, but as long as companies just hire and do not care about employees growth and education, digital disruption will continue to replace the bad apples out there.

There is value in integrity that no machine can ever replace.